Tacklife KALM1540A 16″ 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

The TACKLIFE KALM1540A Electric Lawn Mower has a 13-Amp electric mower that is powered by an extension cord. This gives you a 50-foot range to mow in. This translates into an impressive 95% harvest rate from the 16-inch cutting deck.

All grass clippings are diverted to a 13.2-gallon hard-sided grass collection bin. It has the rigidity to hold firmly in place without dragging or having to worry about accidental rips. There’s even an easy to read indicator on the side to let you know when it’s time to empty out the collector.

The 16-inch cutting deck has five distinct height settings which are controlled by a single easy to use lever. This lets you set the cutting height as low as .87 of an inch all the way up to 2.64-inches. The TACKLIFE KALM1540A also has a heavy-duty metal cutting blade, which can endure accidental dings from errant sticks in the grass. It’s not as prone to breaking and you can even sharpen it yourself, which is something a lot of other electric lawnmowers can’t say.

The handles and controls of the TACKLIFE KALM1540A are also impressively engineered. You can adjust the handlebars to three different height settings for more comfortable use. It’s especially handy if you have people in your family with a significant height difference, or you have a teenager who’s old enough to start cutting the grass.

The hand controls have a double safety switch and they help keep the extension cord organized. When you are done cutting the grass the TACKLIFE KALM1540A handlebars easily fold down to give the mower a compact size of 31.1 x 16.93 x 21.26-inches.

Key Features

  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • 13 Amp corded electric motor
  • 5 height settings
  • 95% harvest rate
  • Adjustable height handles
  • 13.2-gallon hard-sided grass collector
  • Collapses for convenient storage


The 13 amp corded electric motor on the TACKLIFE KALM1540A is truly powerful. When walking at a casual pace it has the ability to take down the blades of grass reliably. The grass collection bag is rigid and won’t bog down the weight of the mower like you often have happen with cloth baggers.

Ease of Use

As an electric lawnmower, the TACKLIFE KALM1540A is always going to start and run more reliably than a gas-powered lawnmower of the same size. It’s also nice and nimble for cutting around trees and landscaping features.

The challenge with the TACKLIFE KALM1540A is keeping the extension cord tamed while you mow. They did their best to make it easy to connect the power line, but you will still need to be conscious not to run it over, or get it tangled. Starting out mowing near the house and moving outward will make it easier to keep the extension cord trailing behind you.

The handlebar height is also easily adjustable. You can set it to any of the three height settings to keep you from having to hunch over or reach up at an awkward angle just to push the lawnmower along.

Cut Quality & Options

The 13-Amp electric motor powers a heavy-duty metal cutting blade at a very respectable RPM rate. This translates into a 95% harvest rate. Just keep your walking pace casual to ensure that the 16-inch cutting deck doesn’t leave any stray uncut blades behind.

There are five cutting height settings. This means you can set it down as low as .87 of an inch for times when the grass is growing vigorously. Then if conditions turn overly dry, and look to stay that way for a while you can simply use the single activation lever to lift the cutting deck as high as 2.64-inches. The longer blades of grass will essentially shade the underlying turf to help preserve soil moisture levels.


There isn’t a lot of maintenance required with the TACKLIFE KALM1540A. It doesn’t have any oil, gas, or batteries to worry about. The heavy-duty metal cutting blade is also robust enough that it’s not easily damaged by running over an accidental stick. If you’re relatively handy you could even try to sharpen it yourself with a fine-toothed mill file.

The back corners of the grass collector can sometimes trap a few leftover clippings. Just give it a quick look when you are done mowing to wipe out any leftover material so it doesn’t mold between mowing sessions.

Safety Features

The TACKLIFE KALM1540A has the standard safety hand controls you find on most walk-behind lawnmowers. They also engineered it with a double safety switch that you need to engage before startup.

Special Features

The height-adjustable handlebars are certainly very nice if you have people with dramatically different heights, or you simply want to set it to your size. Then when you are done cutting the grass, you can collapse the handlebars down and fold them over the top of the mower for compact easy storage. At a tidy 31.1 x 16.93 x 21.26-inches, you could store it on a heavy-duty garage shelf.

The hard-sided 13.2-gallon grass collection bin doesn’t drag like it’s cloth counterparts. It also comes with an easy to read indicator that lets you know when it’s getting full.

The double safety switch is also a handy feature if you have curious little ones in the house.


Like most corded electric lawnmowers you are saving a lot of money by not needing to worry about things like gas, oil, spark plugs, carburetors, and batteries. The biggest thing you’ll need to invest in with the TACKLIFE KALM1540A is the heavy-duty extension cord to keep it powered. Then you’ll need to also be vigilant not to accidentally run it over while you cut the grass.

If you have a garden or you keep an active compost pile, the clippings in the grass collection bin are a great way to add some easy nitrogen into the equation.


8 Total Score
Powerful corded electric lawnmower

  • Powerful 13-Amp corded electric motor
  • 5 adjustable height settings
  • Lightweight
  • Double safety switch
  • 3 handlebar height settings
  • Large 13.2-gallon hard-sided bagger
  • Collapses down for convenient storage
  • You need to buy an extension cord
  • Too heavy to hang for storage
  • No cord management system
  • Plastic tiers
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Tacklife KALM1540A 16″ 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review
Tacklife KALM1540A 16″ 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review
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